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Cisco VPN multi-factor authentication (external consultants)


External consultants must register themselves for multi-factor authentication when accessing UCL's systems via Cisco VPN.

NOTE: your account must be activated by UCL before you can register for multi-factor authentication.

Type your UCL username and choose Next (Næste).

Type your UCL password and choose Next (Næste).

Choose Add (Tilføj).

Choose TOTP.

Fill in the "Display name" field (Vist navn). Click on "Get QR Code" (Hent QR-kode). A QR code is now displayed on the page.

Install Google Authenticator from the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iPhone) on your mobile phone if you don't already have it installed.

Open Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.

Tap the plus sign in the lower right corner.

Choose "Scan a QR code" and scan the QR code you see on the registration page.

Choose "Add account" (Tilføj konto). The account is called Netiq.

On the registration page, finish by clicking Finish (Udfør).

Under "Your registered single sign-on methods" (Dine tilmeldte enkelt metoder til logon) a TOTP is now added with the name that was selected in the "Display name" field. You and your mobile phone are now registered for multi-factor authentication, and you can see your OTP in Google Authenticator on your mobile phone.

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