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UCL VPN - Work from home


VPN enables you to work from home / abroad and at the same time have access to everything, as if you were at UCL. If you have a PC with UCL image, VPN is installed by default.

Do you have VPN installed on a PC/Mac?

Then you can use VPN

Click "Continue"

Install VPN

Install VPN from https://vpn.ucl.dk

Open a browser and go to https://vpn.ucl.dk

Type your UCL-username and password and click "Login".

Åbn en browser og gå ind på Indtast UCL-brugernavn og adgangskode og vælg Login.

Choose AnyConnect

Choose AnyConnect on the left-side menu

Click Start AnyConnect

Click Start AnyConnect in the middle of the page

Download and install

Click the blue "Download" button

If you need help on how to use the installation file click on "Instructions" in lower-right corner

When you have installed the VPN, click "Continue" below.

How to use VPN

Watch video tutorial for Windows here: UCL VPN - Work from home (video)

What operating system do you use?

Click on Cisco VPN

Before logging into your PC, you need to log on "Cisco VPN"

Click the icon shown below (looks like 2 computer screens)

If the icon is missing, please call 6318 4444 for assistance.

Click "Connect"

If nothing is shown in the white textbox please type vpn.ucl.dk and click "Connect"

Type your UCL credentials and click "OK"

Use the same credentials as your PC-login

Log on to the PC

Be aware that it needs to say "Log on to OES Network"

If it does not say "Log on to OES Network" you can click "Network Logon" as shown in the image below and then start over:

Click the Cisco VPN icon

If it is not at the top together with WIFI etc. you can find it inside the "Applications" folder.

Click "Connect"

If there is nothing in the field to the left, type "vpn.ucl.dk" and press "Connect"

Enter your information and click "OK"

It is the same username and password that you use to log in to itslearning, mail, etc.

Congratulations, you are done!
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