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MATLAB and Simulink


Students and staff at UCL can install MATLAB, Simulink, and add-on products from MathWorks through our Campus-Wide License.


Download the programs from MathWorks.

Scroll down the page a bit and click on "Sign in to get started".

You must create a MathWorks account yourself. Click "Create one!".

Enter your UCL email address in the top field and select the relevant one in the other fields. Click Create.

Your MathWorks account has now been created, but it needs to be verified before you can use it.

In the inbox of your UCL mailbox you will receive a verification email from MathWorks.

Open the email and click on "Verify email".

Fill in the fields and check "I accept the Online Services Agreement". Click Create.

Your MathWorks account is now ready to use. On this page you can either use MATLAB online (without installing) or install MATLAB (and other products). Click on "Install MATLAB".

The software can be downloaded for Windows, macOS or Linux. Click, if necessary, on the small arrow to change operating system.

Click Download.

Enter your UCL email address. Click Next.

Enter the password you have chosen to use with your MathWorks account. Click "Sign In".

Choose Yes and click Next.

Select the displayed license and click Next.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Select the desired program(s) and / or add-on product(s) and click Next.

Check "Add shortcut to desktop" to get a desktop shortcut. Click Next.

Click "Begin Install".

The installation file is downloaded, extracted and installed automatically. It takes a while. When the installation is complete, this window will appear. Click Close.

MATLAB can be opened via the icon on the desktop.

Select "Sign In" at the top right of the program window.

Enter your UCL email address. Click Next.

Enter the password you have chosen to use with your MathWorks account. Click "Sign In".

Now the text at the top right changes from "Sign In" to your first name.

The software is now ready for use.

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Getting started

Learn about capabilities and using the software:

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MATLAB Academic Online Training Suite - Interactive self-paced online courses.

MATLAB Online - Instant access to MATLAB from a web browser.

MATLAB Mobile- Evaluate MATLAB commands, create and edit files, visualize data, and view results - all from your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Videos and Webinars - Search for videos by application or product to learn about the vast capabilities and uses of MATLAB & Simulink.

MATLAB Examples - A collection of free and reusable code plus examples on how to use MATLAB & Simulink.

MATLAB Grader - Automatically grade MATLAB code and run your problems in any learning environment.

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