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Microsoft Teams: Guidelines for Using Teams at UCL

Updated Jul 22, 2021


Teams is a collaboration platform with options for video meeting, chat, file sharing and connection of apps from 3rd parties. Teams are a part of Office365, and staff and students have access to the platform through their education license.

Intended use

1. Internal collaboration in the individual department at UCL

Teams can be used as all or only part of the department's digital communication platform for operational or development tasks.

2. Internal collaboration across the various departments at UCL

Teams can support the strategic effort across the organization; "Strong collaboration across staffs and with the education departments", as employees from different departments can be part of Teams aimed at projects across the organization.

3. External collaboration with others outside the organization

Teams can be used to establish a communication channel for stakeholders who are not part of UCL. Teams here provides a safe environment with the opportunity to communicate, exchange and collaborate on files as well as attending video meetings. In addition, teams can be set up with the aim of making an environment available for building and maintaining networks among UCL's customer environments.

4. Internal collaboration tool for students

Students can use Teams as a collaboration tool where they collaborate with other students, external or both. Teams are made available to the students as a platform where they can collaborate on the solution of assignments given by teachers through file sharing, online meetings and chat.

Special reservations

Document storage

UCL uses Docunote as an electronic case and document management tool, and storage of files on Teams is therefore subject to applicable guidelines for document types stored in DocuNote

Guidelines for which document types to store in DocuNote: http://docunotews.au.local/dnolink.aspx?tableId=5&itemNumber=14636&action=Locate&shortcutid=0

Kommunikation med studerende

UCL uses itslearning as the LMS (Learning Management System). Teams should therefore not be used for purposes described in UCL's policy regarding the learning platform itslearning. Specifically, this means that teachers and students do not have to be a member of the same Team.

Policy regarding the learning platform itslearning: http://docunotews.au.local/dnolink.aspx?tableId=5&itemNumber=2076521&action=Locate&shortcutid=0

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