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Microsoft Teams: Telephony, chat and meetings

Updated Jul 22, 2021

We apologize that the pictures in this guide are with Teams in Danish but we did not have the opportunity to take them with Teams in English.

Make a call using Microsoft Teams

Through Microsoft Teams, you have the ability to make calls to others in UCL. Calls can be made in several different ways:

  1. Via the call button
  2. Via the command line
Make a call using the call button

1) Click on call.

2) Enter the name of the person you want to call

3) Choose whether you want to call with video or audio only

Make calls via the command line

1) Click in the search field

2) Type: / call + the name of the person you want to call.

3) Click on the person and a video call will now be made.

The chat function

The chat function is useful for communicating in writing with a small group or if you need to write privately.

Note that your messages in the chat are saved. It is therefore necessary to delete messages that you do not want to be saved. It could, for example be messages with personal sensitive content.

Start a Chat

1) Click the Chat icon

2) Click New Chat

3) Enter the name or email of the person you want to start a chat with

4) You can now write messages and send attachments.

The meeting function
Schedule a meeting

You have 2 options when planning a Teams meeting:

  1. Plan through the Teams client
  2. Schedule through Outlook
Schedule a meeting through the Teams client

1) Click the calendar icon

2) Select "New meeting"

3) Give the meeting a title

4) Add participant

5) Enter the time of the meeting

6) Add location

7) If necessary, add a message to the meeting request

8) Click "Save"

Schedule through Outlook

1) Open your Outlook calendar and click on "New Teams Meeting" in the top tab.

If you do not have the "New Teams Meeting" icon, you may need to shut down Outlook completely and restart it. Alternatively, you can restart your PC.

2) You can now send a meeting invitation with a participation link to those you want to invite to the meeting.

Assign rights so others can convene a Teams meeting on your behalf through Outlook

In Outlook, select the File tab at the top left.

Choose Information - Account Settings - Substitute Access.

Click Add.

Find the person in the address book and press Enter or click Add so that the name will appear in the field at the bottom. Click OK.

The substitute must have Editor rights to your calendar in order to create Teams meetings on your behalf.

Click OK twice to return to the File tab.

Click the arrow at the top left to return to the inbox.

Attend a Teams Meeting

You can attend a Teams meeting in 2 ways:

1) Join through the calendar in the Teams client

2) Join by clicking on a meeting link

Join through the Teams client via the calendar

1) Click the calendar icon

2) Click on the meeting you want to attend

3) Click "Join"

The Teams client opens and you have the option to set the camera and microphone before attending the meeting:

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