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Create a shared folder in Google Drive and share it with your group / team

Updated Jul 21, 2021

When you create a shared folder in Google Drive, all future documents are automatically shared with the folder members.

1. Make sure that you are logged in with your UCL mail - if not log out of your private mail or change to your UCL account.

2. Click New (under the dropdown menu in the image there is a plus (+) Press this to create new folder or create new Docs, Sheets etc.)

3. Click Folder

1. Name your folder

2. Click Create

Now you are ready to share your folder

Decorate your drive - give folders color - upload content

1. You can now go to properties for the folder. Right-click on the folder.

2. Change color, etc.

1. When uploading files, you can use drag and drop - you can upload most file formats: Word files, audio, images, videos, etc.

2. You can also click New to upload or create documents

File conversion

1. Click on the gear

2. Select settings

  1. Under General, you can choose whether Google should automatically convert uploaded documents into Google Docs.
  2. Click Done

Conversion means e.g. that Word becomes Docs and Powerpoint becomes Slides. It provides better editing options, but be aware of your choice as it may affect the content and layout of the original documents.

There is no need to convert if you only need to store the files.

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