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Embed folders, documents, and other elements in your Google Site

Updated Jul 21, 2021

In the new Google Sites, you have the option of integrating elements from e.g. Google Docs and Slides, but also entire folder structures. It may be a good idea to avoid users leaving your site to view the content.

How to integrate Docs, Slides, and other Google documents

The most commonly used document types are Docs, Presentations, Sheets and Forms. But there is also the option to insert videos directly from Youtube.

If the visitor to your site has the right to edit the integrated elements, they will, for example, be able to write in a document directly from your site.

Because Sites are owned and managed by Google, there is not the same opportunity to integrate elements from other providers. For example, it is not possible to integrate a Word document or video from Videotool.

How to integrate a folder

It's easy to integrate an entire directory structure into your site. The first step is to create the folder structure on your Google Drive. When you are on your drive, select New -> Folder in the upper left corner. This way you can create the desired folders and subfolders

Name the new folder and press Create

Once the directory structure is ready, return to your site. Here you will find the page where you want to place the folder and select From Drive.

Find and select the folder you want to integrate. Once you have selected it, select Insert at the bottom right.

Now folder is inserted on your site. It may not have the desired size, but you can change it by dragging the edges, just as you would with an image.

Remember to check the sharing settings on your top folder to make sure what visitors can and cannot do in terms of editing, moving/deleting folders, documents, etc.

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