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If your private Google Account conflicts with your UCL account

Updated Jul 21, 2021

If you as a student or employee have used your UCL mail to create a private Gmail, it can cause problems. The conflict occurs because UCL has created a special Education account with Google where our UCL mail accounts appear as a kind of Gmail, and identical email addresses must not appear. Follow these simple steps to separate your accounts.

Log in with UCL mail as your username and the password you use for Outlook and itslearning

If you do not already use Google, search for google.dk

In the upper right corner of the screen you will find an icon or a picture of you

Click on the icon/image.

In this case, I already have a private Google Account and need to add my UCL Google Account.

Click Add another account

Type your UCL mail and press next

Enter your password, which is the same one you use for itslearning and Outlook.

Press next

You are now logged in to your UCL Google Account.

The next time you open a google browser, you can check which account you are using by tapping your image or icon

1. Work/school account
2. Private account

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