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Using Visio for the web


This guide shows you how to log in and get started using "Visio for the web".

"Visio for the web" is an online version of Visio typically used by Mac users, as Visio is not available for Mac.

1. Go to the page "portal.office.com"

2. If you are employed at UCL, you must write your username (including numbers) followed by @ucl.dk (see the example in the picture below. If you are a student, just write your school email

3. Enter your password - the same one you use to log in to other UCL systems.

4. Click the "Visio" icon on the left side.

Is the icon not there? Scroll down to the "Known Challenges" section

5. Now you are inside "Visio for the web" and can press "Blank drawing" if you want to create a new chart.

Known challenges

If you do not see the Visio icon, you can type "Visio" in the search bar at the top.

If you still cannot see it, it may be because you do not have a license for it. This must be ordered via 4444@ucl.dk and assigned if there is a real need.

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