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Vico Office Installation


We apologize that the pictures in this guide are in Danish. Unfortunately we have not had the opportunity to make them in English

This guide is for Building-constructor students.

Download af Vico Office

Vico Office is downloaded from R drive via VPN. If you do not have a VPN installed, you can see how to do it HERE

Navigate to the following folder on the R drive and locate the Ver_R6_8 folder

Right-click on the folder and select copy

Then minimize your windows so that only the desktop is visible. Right-click on the desktop and select Paste

Wait for the folder to transfer to your desktop and then open it.

Installation of Vico Office

Locate the VicoOfficeSetup-R6.8 file and double-click it to start the installation

Wait for the InstallAware Wizard to complete

When the installation is complete you will be prompted to select the language. Select Danish for Danish or English - UK (Metric Units) for English.

Then press Next

There may be some components that need to be updated before installation can proceed. Press Next

Wait for it to import prerequisites

After the import is complete, you can press Next

You must then accept the License Agreement

It is only possible to press Next after you have checked the box "I accept the terms" of the License Agreement and scrolled all the way to the bottom of the text

By default, you just need to install what it recommends, but sometimes you also need to use the Schedule Planner Standard. Ask your teacher for advice.

Again, ask your instructor for advice if you are in doubt about what to install (Such as Revit integration).

Whether you want to participate in their Improvement Program is up to you

Then Vico Office is ready to install. Press Next

Let the installation complete

After the installation is complete, the computer must be restarted

Save all your work before you restart so you do not lose unsaved documents and other things!

After restarting your computer, you must run the license program to use Vico office!

Vico Office Licens

Navigate to the same location you started the Vico Office installation and double-click License_server_change.exe to launch the license program

This may require administrator privileges. Enter your computer's username and password and then press yes or just press yes if you are not prompted to log in.

When the Vico Software License Client starts, press Next

Then go back to the folder where you started the program and open the License Server document

Copy the text from the License Server document and paste it into the Vico Software License Client under Server name

Press Next

Then press Install

When done, press Finish

You are now ready to use Vico Office!

Error: Failed to start Vico Office. Could not find valid license

This error occurs if the Vico Office License_server_change program did not work as intended

To correct this error you will need to manually set the license for Vico Office after it is installed.

Start by tapping the magnifying glass in the lower left corner of the desktop and search for Environment (or system environment variables)

Then click Edit System Environment Variables

This may require administrator privileges. Enter your computer's username and password and then press yes or just press yes if you are not prompted to log in.

Then press the button Environmental variables.

Under System Variables, find the line RLM_LICENSE, select it and press Edit.

In the Variable Value field, type 2764@ and then the text you find in the License_server document on the R drive. Press OK

Finally, press OK in the windows you have opened and try to start Vico Office again. After that, it should work.

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