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Reset WAYF-Institution


Do you find that you are not able to log in to itslearning and other services where you use WAYF or have you mistakenly clicked on the wrong school and now you can not change it to UCL? Then you have the option to reset your login.


Click here and you will be sent to the following page

You will be informed on the page about which services you currently use or has been logged in to with WAYF

Click the X next to the service (s) you want to reset.


In this case, two Xs have been removed and now WAYF no longer remembers username, password and institution.

The next time you want to log on e.g. itslearning, it looks like this:

Log in with Teacher and student login WAYF, after which you will be sent to the following page:

  1. Check this box, to be sent to the login page, for the selected institution in the future
  2. Type UCL in the search box
  3. Select (click) on UCL

Then you enter your username and password and now you are logged in correctly with WAYF.

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