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Submission of assignment in WISEflow for students


We are very sorry that the pictures in this guide are Danish, but it has not been possible to get them in English. However, the procedure is still the same.

When you are logged in to  https://ucl.wiseflow.dk with your NEM ID, you can see your active flows.  

Press the green arrow in the flow in which you want to hand in the assignment.

At the bottom of the page you will find "Hand in". Press "Select file".

Find the file on your computer and select "Open"

The file will now be visible as an answer under "Hand in"


Then fill in "Official front page".

When the cover information is filled in, the hand in button becomes active

Until the submission deadline, you can withdraw your submission.

Group hand in

Create a group and give the group a name and click on the participants who are part of the group.

Other group members must log in to Wiseflow and confirm that they are part of the group

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