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Beware of phishing emails


Think twice before clicking on a link in an email - and never enter your passwords!

There is right now (June 2021) a phishing email in circulation which has spread to many recipients at UCL.

The current phishing email looks like this:

Emne: Det helpdesk.

Kære e-mail-bruger

Log venligst på Outlook Web Access for at opdatere din e-mail-konto til den nye sikrede version.

Tak skal du have

The link in the email leads to a fake Outlook Web Access page. If you enter your username and password on the page, the credentials are captured by hackers, who then misuse the email account to send out phishing emails.

We have blocked the link so that when your device is connected to UCL's network (physically or via VPN), you can not activate the link. If you are elsewhere, the link can still be activated.

Use your common sense

  • When you receive an email, think twice before clicking on a link in the email.
  • Never enter your credentials on a site that you are not entirely sure is UCL's.
  • Look at the sender - is it IT? We typically send from IT-Servicedesk when we send out information.
  • IT would never send an email with a link you have to click and enter credentials.
  • Look at the language in the email. Is it correct Danish? See for example the subject field in the current phishing email. IT would never use that wording.
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