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Find your transcripts in nemStudie


You will find your transcripts in nemStudie. You can still find the link in itslearning.

At nemStudie you must log in with your nemID.

After login, the page on nemStudie looks like this, and you can click on "Transcripts" (above)

or via the box with "Transcripts".

Here you can select:

  1. "Select course of study"
  2. "Select type of transcripts"

When a "Selected course of study" is selected, the study in which you are enrolled appears (example above).

If "Select type of transcript" is selected, you can print a study journal (passed elements) and / or a confirmation that you are enrolled and the expected end date appears in the document.

The transcript of  "Passed elements" does not currently contain an internship and period. This information will come in a later version of nemStudie.

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