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Printing from personal IT devices

Updated May 03, 2021

It is possible to utilize the UCL Multi-functional printers (MFPs), using your own private IT devices. These include PC, Mac, Tablets and smartphones.

All printers on UCL are connected to a “printing cloud”. When you want to print, using one of the local MFPs, you actually send a “print job” to the cloud. After that, you can access any MFP and it will retrieve that print job from the cloud.

The virtual CloudPrinters can be installed on Windows PCs. With other devices, you must instead upload prints to the printing cloud.

To install the printers, the Windows PC must be connected to the UCL network, either physically, wirelessly or via VPN.

NOTE: Students of UCL need to deposit funds into their “print account" in order to print. Keep in mind that using color-printers is more expensive, even when printing black-and-white.

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