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Print without having to install the printers

Updated Jul 09, 2021

As an alternative to installing printers (UCLprinter-black or UCLprinter-color), it is possible to upload a file for printing.

The printers can only be installed on Windows PCs and Mac. If you use other types of devices, printing is done by uploading files for printing.

The following file types are supported when uploading print: MS Office documents, PDF documents, image files such as JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, etc.

Printing an uploaded document cannot be undone. However, the document / print job is automatically deleted if it is not picked up by the printer within 24 hours.

Go to the Pcounter EasyPay page https://ucl.pcountereasypay.com.

Select Danish or English language on the respective flag (in this guide English).

Enter the UCL username and password (same as for network and itslearning).

Press Login.

Here, your current balance in Danish kroner is shown.

See if there is enough money in the account to print. Otherwise, deposit funds first.

Press Upload.

Drag and drop desired files / documents in the box or click to select files to upload.

Note whether what you want to print is among the supported document types.

A print box pops up.

Select number of copies (1 copy is default).

Decide on color or black and white. Here, color is deselected.

Decide on paper size. A4 is selected here. It is possible to select A3, but in that case the document must be A3.

Press Upload.

A green Success box appears when the print is uploaded.

You can log off Pcounter EasyPay.

The print job is picked up by a "UCLprinter" at a UCL location (the large Konica Minolta copiers).

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