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Scanning several pages on a Konika Minolta copier

Updated Jun 01, 2021

When scanning on our copiers, each page will be scanned as a separate document. If you have more than one sheet of paper, they can be put in the tray on top of the copier and be scanned as one document. If you need to scan several pages, e.g. from a book, you can change the settings to gather several pages in the same document.

Log in to the copier as usual.

Tap the "face and speech bubble" icon to change the language to English.

Select English.

The window closes automatically when you have selected a new language.

Select Scan.

Select Address Book and E-mail Me.

Find the Separate Scan feature at the bottom right. Separate scanning is turned off by default.

Turn on the function by pressing it. A function is turned on when it says ON and there is a yellow dot in the upper right corner.

If you are scanning something that does not have a standard format (A4), such as a book, enter the scan format. This way you make sure that the whole page is scanned and that there is no black border.

Select Scan Size (default Auto, which is A4).

Choose Custom Size. Here the copier is set to A4 format.

Place the book on the glass plate and read the format in millimeters. The X-axis is read at the top and the Y-axis at the left side.

Enter the formats of resp. the X-axis and the Y-axis.

Press Start.

Place the next page on the scanner glass and press Start. Repeat until the desired pages are scanned.

Finish the scan by pressing Finish.

Press Start to send the scan to your email address.

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