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OCR scanning on Konica Minolta copier

Updated Apr 27, 2021

On some of our copiers, you can OCR scan documents so that different programs not only perceive what is being scanned as an image, but can recognize the characters. It is used, for example, for dyslexic utilities that read text aloud.

Location Room
Niels Bohrs Allé, Odense C.224C
Seebladsgade, Odense A0.65
Klostervænget, Svendborg A2.09 (by the stairs)
Vestre Engvej, Vejle 1.211 (library)
Boulevarden, Vejle Study Service (first floor)
Stationsvej, Jelling K104

Log on to the copier as usual with an employee card / student card or by entering the user name and password manually.

Load the item to be scanned in the sheet feeder on the copier or directly on the exposure glass. If you want to scan several pages to be gathered in one document, you must use the sheet feeder (if it is from a book, copy the pages first).

Select Dansk OCR / Scan or Engelsk OCR / Scan depending on whether the text to be scanned is Danish (Nordic) or English.

If what is being scanned is to be sent to you, select "E-mail Me". A box will appear showing your email address.

If what is being scanned is (also) to be sent to others, select "Direct Input."

E-mail URL cannot be used.

When using "Direct Input", enter one e-mail address at a time. Press Shift to find @. After entering each email address, tap OK.

At the top of the screen you can see how many addresses you have selected / entered.

Tap Start at the bottom right of the screen to start scanning.

Remember to log out of the copier when you are done. You do this by pressing the "door" at the bottom left.

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