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Revit Installation


IMPORTANT! Previous versions of Revit must be uninstalled before a new version of Revit can be installed

Revit can only be installed on Windows!

As a students before 2020, your profile has to be updated before you can get access to Revit 2020. You can do that here: Setting up Autodesk profile (New and Existing students)

Create Autodesk account

Create your Autodesk account here: Create Account

Fill out the form. select I agree and press Create Account

If you already have an Autodesk account, you can skip directly to updating your account here: Setting up Autodesk profile (New and Existing students)

The email must be your school email and end with @edu.ucl.dk

The password you create here is separate from your school account and will therefore not be changed if you reset the password you use for e.g. Itslearning and your school email

You will then receive a confirmation email from [email protected] on your school email. Follow the instructions in the email.

Setting up Autodesk profile (New and Existing students)

Go to https://www.autodesk.com/education/home and log in if you are not already logged in.

Once logged in, select Get Products

At Unlock educational access to Autodesk products, press GET STARTED in the blue field that appears.

You will then be asked to confirm your eligibility for Autodesk as a student. Press Get Started in the black box.

If you are a student before 2020, you can skip this step as you have most likely already set up your profile.

You can continue in the guide at the next green field.

You will now again be prompted to log in. Use your school email @edu.ucl.dk and the password you created when you created your Autodesk account.

Then you need to set up your Education profile. Fill in as below and your birthday

You then have to fill in what school you go to and what kind of education you take as well as when you started and when you expect to finish your education.

Name of educational institution: UCL Erhvervsakademi Og Professionshøjskole (Odense)

Area of ​​study: Architecture, Engineering & Contruction

Enrolled from / Graduate in: The building constructor education takes 42 months

Continue will send you to their main website. This is not correct.

Therefore go to https://www.autodesk.com/education/home to continue.

If you are logged in, press Get Products.

If not, Sign in and then Get Products.

Again we press GET STARTED in the black field

Students before 2020 can continue from here.

You will then be asked to confirm the information you provided earlier. Press Verify after completing the formula.

After your information has been confirmed, you will be asked to submit proof that you are a student at UCL

Student card is sufficient

Click Drag documents here, or browse to upload your image

It can then take 20 minutes before the approval goes through.

You will receive the approval on your school email. Access your mail through https://outlook.office.com

The sender will be the Autodesk Education Community and the email will look like the one below.

Download Revit

Go to https://www.autodesk.com/education/home and log in if you are not already logged in.

Click Get Products.

By Unlock educational access to Autodesk products press Get Started.

If you see this after logging in, your profile is set up correctly.

Find Revit on the page and press Get product or Get started

You will then be prompted to select Operating System, Version and Language.

Set it to Windows, 2021 and English (not available in Danish).

When you press install you will be asked to accept their Terms of Use as well as Privacy Statement.

It must be accepted before Revit can be downloaded.

After you accept, the installation for Revit will begin downloading.

Uninstall previous versions of Revit

Revit cannot be uninstalled through the control panel like other programs!

To uninstall Revit you need to use their own built-in tool, Uninstall Tool.

To find Uninstall Tool on your computer, go to the start menu in the lower left corner and search for Uninstall Tool

Click Uninstall Tool to start the process

Make sure to tick all the far left fields so that all the fields are marked as in the picture

Then start the uninstallation by pressing Uninstall


After you have downloaded the file, the installation can be initialized by clicking on the downloaded file "Revit_2021_G1_Win_64bit_wi_en-US_Setup_webinstall"

If you have problems finding it, it will always be under Downloads or Downloads on your computer

Revit is ready to be installed when this window appears. Click Install

Should the installation fail, there will be another option to install Revit here: Install Revit from the R drive

Since the entire Revit installation has not been downloaded at once, the Revit installation will download the rest itself. You must therefore be connected to the Internet throughout the process!

After installation and download is complete, you can press Launch Now

Your computer may need to be restarted before you can use Revit. Press OK if this window appears and Yes at the next.

Remember to shut everything down and save everything you need before restarting. Otherwise it may be lost!

Install Revit from the R drive

Should the installation you downloaded from the Autodesk website fail, you can download the Revit installation from the R drive

Navigate to the following folder and locate the Revit_2020_G1_Win_64bit_dlm folder

Right-click on the folder and select copy

Then minimize your windows so that only the desktop is visible. Right-click on the desktop and select Paste

Wait for the folder to be transferred to your desktop and then open it.

Locate the Setup file and double-click to start the installation

Press Install to start the installation

However, you will first be asked to accept their License and Services Agreement

Highlight Accept and press Next

Then the installation will run as the guide shows further up.

Login to Revit

After Revit has started you will be asked to log in. Select Sign in with your Autodesk ID here.

Then Revit is ready for use!

If the window that appears does not look like the one below, Autodesk needs to be updated.

You can find a guide on this here: Error: The License Manager is not functioning

Go through the login process

Error: The License Manager is not functioning

Should you get an error saying The License Manager is not functioning as the image below, Autodesk needs to be updated

If Revit is installed correctly without errors, you should have an Autodesk Desktop App icon on your desktop

Double-click to launch the app

You will now see that there are some updates ready for installation in the app.

Update them all to get the License Manager working again.

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