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How to setup OTP for use if you forget your password


OTP stands for One Time Password. In the self-service portal, where you can change your password, you can also configure authentication via mobile app with OTP. Once you have done that, you can download an OTP via the mobile app, which can be used to change your password if you have forgotten your password.

Go to the password self-service portal https://pws.ucl.dk.

Sign in with the same username and password that is used for eg itslearning.

Select Setup Mobile App Authentication.

Select Android, iPhone or Other depending on the type of device you are using. Install the app and configure it as indicated on the screen. Then select Continue.

Enter the code that the app displays and select Check Code.

A list of 5 recovery passwords is now displayed, each of which can be used once to create a new password if you have forgotten your password. Remember to print the page or save the recovery codes in another way, as you will not be able to see them again.

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