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Forgot your password?


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If you forget your password, you have 3 options on how to get a new password.

  1. Go to the password self service portal from the login window on a UCL pc.
  2. Go to the password self service portal from a private pc.
  3. Contact IT-ServiceDesk (e-mail [email protected], phone 6318 4444).

Using option 1 or 2 requires that your mobile phone number is registered in SIS - Student Counselling Services can help you do that - or that you have configured OTP (One Time Password) - see instructions to setup OTP here.

Will you use a UCL pc or a private pc?

If you are using a UCL pc it need to be connected to UCL's WiFi.

In the login window on a UCL pc type your username and choose "Did you forget your password?".

Go to the password self service portal https://pws.ucl.dk. Choose "Forgotten Password".

Type your username and surname. Choose "Search".

Choose "SMS/Email Verification" or "Mobile Device Verification (OTP)".

Verification by

Choose "Continue".

A security code will be sent to your mobile phone. Type the code and choose "Check Code".

Choose "Continue".

Type a recovery password from the OTP app setup. Choose "Check Code".

Type and confirm a new password. Choose "Change password".

Minimum length of password for student is 12 characters.

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