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Parking at Boulevarden and Vestre Engvej, Vejle, and Klostervænget, Svendborg


This guide applies to all UCL employees, but only to students at Boulevarden and Klostervænget. Students can only park at Boulevarden 74 and Klostervænget. Employees can also park at Boulevarden 25 and at DGI Huset's parking spaces from and including row 14 at Vestre Engvej 51c (behind the indoor swimming pool, hall 4 and hall 5).

As an active student at Boulevarden or Klostervænget, or UCL employee, you will automatically receive an email sent to your UCL email address with a link to https://parkcare.parkzone.dk/, where you can create a parking permit for 2 vehicles.

If you have not received an e-mail, please contact the Information on Boulevarden or write to [email protected] regarding parking at Boulevarden, or write to [email protected] regarding parking at Vestre Engvej, or write to [email protected] regarding parking at Klostervænget.

Register parking permit for the first time

Click on the link in the email and log in with the enclosed user ID and password.

  1. Enter the registration number (number plate) of your vehicle in the field “Reg.nr. "
  2. Select an end date far into the future in the field "Gyldig til". It is this date that is used for control of the parking permit, but note that the parking permit expires no matter what date is in the field, when you are no longer an active employee or student at UCL).
  3. Enter your UCL email address in the field "Mailadresse"
  4. Enter your name in the "Navn" field
  5. Click on the Save icon

Up to 2 vehicles can be registered per. employee / student.

A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided.

Check or change parking permit
  • Go to https://parkcare.parkzone.dk/ and log in with the user ID and password from the intro email from Parkzone.
  • If you have already entered a registration number, it will appear after you have logged in.
  • If you want to add an extra vehicle (max 2 in total), follow the instructions in the previous section (create new vehicle).
  • If you want to change your registration on an existing vehicle, click on the delete icon (trashcan) on this vehicle.
  • Then add the new vehicle by following the instructions in the previous section (create new vehicle).
  • You can log out of the portal by clicking on "Log Af" at the top right.
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