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Studietube is a digital toolbox to support a multimodal education.


Studietube contains tools that enable you to make portfolios and log books, edit videos and pictures, create presentations, mind maps, blogs, wikis, podcasts, screen recording and much more. There is great variety to be found in terms of customizing the form and format of your content.

You gain full access to create and content with more than 20 online tools. You have unlimited storage, allowing you to save and share all your content with teachers or fellow students.

Regardless of where or when or what you are working on, you have access using your WAYF-login.

Below we have made a list of all the digital tools offered by Studietube. This should help you get an overview and more easily find the tool that is right for your current task.

Studietube is a Danish product and, as such, the official guides on the website are only available in Danish at the moment. However, most of the tools are used internationally, so you should be able to find useful guides elsewhere online.


Padlet is a cooperative bulletin board where you can share experiences, opinions, materials, information and all sorts of media. The tool is perfect for quick little activities as well as continuous project work - individually or with others.

Screencast O-matic

Screencast-O-Matic is a screen recorder that helps you make a recording of what is going on in your screen. While recording, the tool allows you to do a voice-over. You will find two different screen recorders in Studietube. Screencast-O-Matic is client based and requires a download and can be used on any compyter, while Screencastify is browser-based but can only be used on a Chromebook or in the Chrome browser.


This tool is a plug-in for the Chrome browser. It is free, easy to use, and the videos are save in your Goole Drive (provided you set it up and have a Google account, which you do via UCL). We recommended using Screencast-O-Matic if you are a teacher.


A tool for creating and editing a video production online or on a tablet or smartphone. It is by far one a the greates online editing tools as it is both simple to use and offers a lot of editing options.


Prezi is an online presentation tool reminiscent of Microsoft Powerpoint in many ways but different in important ones. Whereas PowerPoint requires you to have individual slides that you flip through, Prezi lets you create one large presentation board and a design a unique path through them to create a compelling story.


Photoshop in your browser. An image edition tool that lets you create multiple layers to create detailed results.


CodingLab is visual block programming. You might compare it to Lego in the sense that vidual programming is about combining function-bricks in a chain to create sequences. It is "Scratch-like" programming.

CoSpaces EDU

CoSpaces EDU is a website that lets you build your own virtual reality! Build your own objects from geometric figures, tell stories or create a whole world from your imagination.


Behind the name H5P you will find more than 40 excellent tools that can be used to make quizzes, interactive videos and images, presentations as well as games. In many ways, H5P is different than the other tools in Studietue because it encourages you to create products for the recipient to interact with. You are not just making something for someone to watch, read or listen to but rather something to click, drag, move around or talk to.

Book Creator

Only works in a Chrome browser. Book Creator is a tool for creating your own books with videos, images and text. The app can be used for creating things such as life stories, experiences, diaries, workflow descriptions etc.


Pixton is an excellent workshop for comic book creation. It can be used to make traditional comics but also larger narratives.


PixtonEDU is a slightly more user friendly version of Pixton with more templates as well as the possibility to record voiced dialogues and more.

Tiki Toki

Tiki Toki is a timeline tool that is very useful for all sorts of projects. First and foremost, it contains countless options for conveying information.


This is a very useful tool for creating infographics such as posters, ads and creative texts in general. Can be used in a browser or on an iPad.


Voicethread is a virtual room for communication that can be used for debates, presentation, introductions and comments. In a way it is a online classroom that you can shape to suit your needs.


Soundation is excellent for working with music, sound, spoken language, radio theater, recording and composing. If you are looking to make a podcast, look no further.


Using Peopleplotr you can create elaborate family trees and diagrams. One thing that sets this tool apart is the option of adding all sorts of media, text and links to your diagram and create a rich and informative experience.

Explain Everthing

Explain Everything is an app that functions as a digital whiteboard for video recordings. You can draw, write, do mathematical calculations, add text, documents, video and photos. You really have all the tools you need to explain something.


Mindmeister is a great online tool for creating mind maps cooperatively. It lets you keep track real-time of what each participant is contributing with or has removed. As such, it is a great tool from brainstorming and cooperative learning.

Conditions for using Studietube

UCL's subscription to Studietube consists of a main agreement and a data processing agreement. This means that your personally identifiable data is safe when using Studietube via your UCL login (WAYF).

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