How to delete your free Zoom account

Updated Jul 03, 2020

At UCL we offer our staff and our students a paid version of Zoom offered in Denmark via DeiC. Whether as an employee or a student, we advise against the free version, which has known challenges in regard to data security.

There may occur problems using Zoom via UCL, if you have previously used your UCL-account to open a free Zoom account. Therefore, your free version has to be deleted. Read in the below, how to do that.


After deleting your free Zoom account, send an email that you deleted your free Zoom account. IT then creates your UCL Zoom account manually and notifies you when it's ready. Don't try to log into Zoom in the meantime!

1. Go to and log on to your free Zoom account

2. Click Account Management and then Account Profile

3. Choose Terminate my account

4. Click Yes to confirm that you want to delete your account. Your account will be permanently deleted.

5. You are now forwarded to the front page of the website, where it is confirmed that you have deleted your account

Now you are ready to use Zoom via UCL.

To find an overview of all UCL’s Zoom instructions, click: Welcome to Zoom at UCL

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