How to install the Zoom client

Updated May 15, 2020

At UCL Erhvervsakademi and Professionshøjskole we buy access to Zoom via DeiC, which safeguards your personal data.

Note that all staff members and students have access to Zoom using their UCL-login via

We also recommend UCL’s users to use Zoom-software to their computer, tablet, and smartphone. Alternatively, access via a web-browser to

Installing the Zoom client on PC and Mac

1. Download and install the Zoom client:

2. Start Zoom by logging on for the first time

3. Click “Sign In with SSO”

4. Enter “ucldk” in front of “” (company name) and click “continue”

5. Log on with your UCL-login (WAYF)

6. Click “Open Zoom”

Now, you are ready to use Zoom on your laptop.

When using Zoom on a Mac, make sure to give Zoom the correct security permissions in order to be able to share your screen, video and audio.

Read more: Important settings for Zoom on Mac

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