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Updated May 15, 2020

Zoom is an excellent tool for distance teaching as well as meetings and online examinations, and it is a good alternative for Hangouts Meet if you are looking for more advanced functionalities that you might know and miss from Adobe Connect. For instance, Zoom offers the possibility of creating Breakout Rooms for group work and of allowing the students to raise their hands.

This page is designed to help you find the right guide for Zoom.

If you want the best possible protection from intruders accessing your private data, use Zoom via UCL (https://ucldk.zoom.us/) and log on with your UCL-login when using Zoom.

Likewise, we recommend that you install the Zoom client. Zoom is constantly developing security improvements, and therefore we suggest that you install the regular updates when the Zoom client asks you to.

NB. If you have previously used your UCL-email to open a free Zoom-account, this free account has to be deleted. Read more: How to delete your free Zoom-account.

Zoom for distance teaching and video conferencing

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