How to sit for a written home-examination via WISEflow and Zoom

Updated May 15, 2020

This semester the written on-site examinations are predominantly replaced by written home-examinations off campus due to the risk of COVID-19. As a student, it is important that you know of and understand the current exam regulations. Read more:

UCL guidelines for written home-examinations

The written examination paper is typed on your computer and submitted via WISEflow, and the examination is held under supervision of the examination supervisor, who has access via Zoom and is acting in accordance with the exam regulations to ensure that the examination progresses correctly, and that you and your fellow students only have access to legal resources. Therefore, as part of the examination, during the entire examination you have to attend online in your designated Zoom-room.

Find the link to the Zoom-room in WISEflow and log on.

Student Services will make sure that you will find the link to your designated Zoom-room and the password, which you need in order to access.

We recommend downloading and installing the Zoom client.

No matter if you participate via the client or the browser-version, it is adamant that you log on with your UCL-login (WAYF). Otherwise, you will not be granted access to the Zoom-room.

If you have previously used Zooom with a free user, which you opened with your UCL-email, you have to delete the free user before being able to participate in Zoom within the framework of UCL.

Read more: How to delete your free Zoom account

Once you have opened the client, click Sign In

In the next window, click Sign in with SSO

When asked about the domain, you write "ucldk" and click Continue

Now a new browser window opens, where you log on with your UCL-login (WAYF). Note that you may be logged on automatically.

After the login-process, a pop-up window requests that you open Zoom. Click Open Zoom Meetings.

Your Zoom client now opens automatically, and you have logged on correctly.

Wait in the waiting room and be ready to present your photo-ID

According to the Exam Regulations you arrive in the Zoom-room no later than 60 minutes prior to the commencement of the examination. The room is protected by a password. The code is stated in WISEflow with the link to the room. Enter the code and click Join to enter.  

You are not entering the room directly but arriving in a waiting room. The examination supervisor can send messages, but you cannot answer these.

In due course the examination supervisor will let you in. You will be asked to identify yourself with photo-ID and present the room that you are in. For further information, please read the Exam Regulations for written home-examinations. When you have entered the room, the microphone is off, as you are not to talk during the exam.

Zoom during the examination

During the examination you will often be working in other programs, and therefore you will not be able to attend in Zoom. Nevertheless, you have must ensure that your web-camera is on at all times, for the examination supervisor to watch you.

In the chat, you can only write the examination supervisor. The other chat-functions are not available, as communication between examinees is not allowed during the examination. Your communication with the examination supervisor is private and other examinees cannot see it.

In accordance with the Exam Regulations you can contact the examination supervisor

  • Asking about the frame of the examination
  • Technical problems
  • For permission to go to the toilet (one examinee only at a time)

For further information in the Exam Regulations.

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