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Updated Nov 04, 2020

At UCL University College, we have access to Zoom through DeiC, thereby ensuring the safety of your personally identifiable information.

Please note: All students have access to Zoom using their UCL credentials through

We recommend downloading and installing the Zoom client on your computer. However, it is possible to use the browser version of the smartphone app.

During the exam

1.   You must study the emergency procedures for online oral exams  before starting the exam (find more information here).

At the beginning of the exam you will be requested by the examiner to note the Meeting ID, which the examiner will inform you about.

2.  When you are allowed into the meeting room you have the following options:

1. Mute or unmute your microphone

2. Start or stop the video feed from you camera

3. Press 'Share Screen' to start sharing your screen with the other participants in the meeting room.

4. When screen sharing is enabled, you have the option to share your computers screen (the easiest solution) or only a specific window/application on your computer.

3.   At the end of your exam, you will temporarily be send back to the waiting room while the examiners discuss your performance.

4.   When your evaluation is ready, you will be called back into the meeting room again. 

5.   When the exam, the evaluation and the feedback are over, you will be sent back into the waiting room again and you can close Zoom. 

Emergency procedure for online oral exams

If the exam due to technical reasons is interrupted and it is not possible to quickly re-establish the connection to the meeting room, you should without any needless delay, follow the emergency procedure.

  1. Call the number : +45 89 88 37 88
  2. Enter the meeting ID that you noted at the beginning of the exam. (Use only numbers)
  1. Continue by pressing '#’
  1. Press ‘#’ once more to skip ’Participant ID’ option.
  2. You will know enter the online exam meeting room with audio only from your phone.
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