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Parking Seebladsgade, Odense


This guide applies to all UCL employees, but only to students at Seebladsgade.

When you become an UCL employee or student, you will automatically receive an email sent to your UCL email with a personal link to a page where you can create a parking permit for 1 vehicle.

If you have not received the e-mail, try logging into the parking portal (see sections "Check or change parking permit"). If there is a pending parking permit, you can select "Enter number plate" and register your number plate here.

If you have trouble registering your car, set your parking disc and go to the Information Desk on Seebladsgade, to avoid a parking fee. For general questions about parking, contact the Information via e-mail: [email protected]

Registering parking permit for the first time

Click on the link in the email.

Enter your vehicle registration number (number plate) in the field "Nummerplade 1". One vehicle can be registered per employee / student.

Check "I confirm ..." and click on "Submit".

A confirmation will be sent to your UCL email.

Check or change the parking permit

Enter the parking portal https://p-seebladsgade.ucl.dk and click Sign in.

Enter your UCL username and associated password (same as for itslearning). Click Sign in.

If you have not added a number plate in the system yet, it will appear that you have a pending parking permit.

You can now select “Enter number plate” to create your number plate in the system.

You can also request to have the link resubmitted from the parking system by clicking on "Resend parking permit". Then you will receive an email with a link to add a number plate.

If you have already added a number plate in the system, it will appear when you have logged in.

Here you can see if you have an active parking permit and during which period the parking permit applies. In the screen shown below there is an active parking permit.

You can also see which number plate you have registered. And you can see the number plate history by clicking on "Log".

If you want to change to another number plate, select "Update number plate".

You can select "Resend parking-permit" to have the email resubmitted with the parking permit. In the email you can also see which number plate is registered.

If you select “Resend parking permit,” the parking permit is sent to your UCL mail, and this receipt will appear on the screen. Select Exit to return.

If you select "Update number plate", you have the option to enter another number plate. Note that you are only allowed one (1) number plate in the system at a time. Enter number plate and click Send.

A receipt is displayed on the screen and an email is sent to your UCL email. Select Exit to return.

You can log out of the portal by clicking Logout in the upper right corner of the green bar.

No (active) parking permit

If you get the message that your parking permit is not active, then you have a parking permit, but only from a date in the future. If this is a mistake, please contact the Information at Seebladsgade ([email protected]).

If you receive the message that your parking permit has expired, you have previously had a parking permit, but it is no longer valid. If this is a mistake, please contact the Information at Seebladsgade ([email protected]).

If you receive this message, you do not have a parking permit. If it is a mistake, contact the Information at Seebladsgade ([email protected]).

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