How to create rooms for exams in Google Hangouts Meet

Updated Apr 14, 2020

When conducting exams in Google Hangouts meet, separate closed rooms must be create for each student/group. Read below how to do so.

PLEASE NOTE: We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. If you are using a different browser, you might be asked to install a plugin. You must install this plugin (open the install file as administrator on your computer) or change browser. We recommend the latter.

Create rooms at

Follow these steps to create rooms for exams:

1. Go to and check that you are logged in with your UCL-login

2. Click "Deltag i et møde, eller start et nyt" ("Join a meeting or create a new one")

3. You will be asked to name your room, but you should not. Instead, leave it blank to ensure that the room cannot be found through searching for it afterward. In this way, the room remains private.

As of April 2020, it is even more important to leave the name blank as giving your room a name will cause issues when distributing the link. Others may not be able to join, and the room cannot be reused.

Click fortsæt ("Continue")

4. in the address space at the top of the browser you will find the link for the room.

This is the link you need to create a list of room for the examiner and co-examiner.

5. Repeat the process until you have created the needed amount of rooms

We recommend compiling a list of the rooms in a private document, for instance in a table.

As long as you have the links for the rooms, they could, in theory,  be recycled for other exams. But remember that anyone with the link has access. Therefore, we recommend creating new rooms each time.

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