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VPN + R and P Drives for building-constructor/coordinator - Get access to network drives on your private Windows or Mac


This guide is only relavent for the building-constructor/coordinator education

Do you have Windows or Mac?

Install Cisco anyconnect.

Go to vpn.ucl.dk

Login with your username and password as shown below.

Download the program.

Run the installation which is located in your downloads folder.

Go though the installation.

It is just a standard installation.

When it is installed, find the program and run it.

The easiest method is to press the Windows flag to open the start menu and write "Cisco" then the program will show.

Afterward the program will open  in the down right corner of your screen.

In the white field write "vpn.ucl.dk"

Then click on "Connect"

Then you will be prompted to write a username and password .

Write your UCL username (not your email) and the password that you use in itslearning.

Then press "Ok" to connect.

Typically you'll get this message when you have connected

The program will also minimize itself.

After you've connected a black box should appear. 

This is important since it is that one that connects your network drives.

The first prompt asks for your usename (English version is coming).

Does this not happen or have you already done this without this working then skip to If there are errors

Then press "Enter"

Afterward it will ask for your password.

Write your password and press "Enter"

If you have written correct credentials, then you should see the message show below.

The box will then close it self.

Then go to This PC as you would do on a school PC.

There you should now see 2 network drives.

Be aware that the UCL network drives only work when you are on a UCL network or connected to vpn.ucl.dk with the Cisco VPN

If there are errors

Sometimes there will be mistakes that can make the script (the black box) not function.

To get past these errors you typically have to manually delete a file which stores you login credentials.

Start by going to your C: drive as shown in the picture below.

In the text field above add "Programdata" so that it says: C:\Programdata 

Then  press "enter"

Scroll down to the bottom and find username.txt - delete it and run netuse_script.bat

This will make the black box reappear and it will prompt for a username and password again.

If you are still having trouble you then contact IT

Guide to get on the VPN and R & P drive

Attention! It is not advised to have a Mac for the BK education because it does not work with Revit etc.

Not only that but access to group onenote is not posible, since onenote for Mac only supports cloud notes.

Start by going to the website Vpn.ucl.dk

Write your username and password for UCL (the same you use for the schools machines and itslearning)


After you login, download the program

Download page

Run the installer in your downloads folder.

Downloads folder

Afterwards, run the application. You can find it easily by spotlightsearching for it (⌘ + space or press the magnifying glass in the upper right corner) See picture below.

Spotlight søgning

1. In the white line, write: "vpn.ucl.dk"

2. Then click on connect.

Skriv VPN adresse

Then you will be prompted for a username and password - Same as before, Meaning your UCL login is the same as the one you use for the schools machines and  itslearning.

Skriv login

Now you are connected! You can confirm that by seeing a little lock in the upper right corner of the little globe.

Ikon i toppen

Map R and P drive

Start by making sure "finder" is the active program.

If it does not say "finder" in the upper left corner, then open finder.

Click on finder to make it the active program.

Now you need to connect to the server. This is done under "go" and then "Connect to Server".

See image below.

You can make this easier on yourself by pressing  ⌘ + K  

As show on the picture above

As shown below, you have to write the path to R and P manually.

Paths are written down below for you to copy:

smb://au.local/pdrev/p_studerende/"skriv brugernavn her"

Click the little + in the bottom left corner (marked as 2) after you've written the address, so that your mac will remember the path next time.

Please note that you need to write your own username and NOT kiri0251 (this is just an example)

When you are done, click Connect

You will be asked to write your username and password again

Remember to set a √ at the "Remember this password in my keychain"

Now you have access to the drive.

Do this again with the 2nd drive.

So⌘ + K  and pick the other path for the p drive and press Connect.

Last tip.

Lets make sure they are easy to find on the desktop.

In finder preferences.

Set a √ in connected servers

Congratulations, you are done!
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