Distance learning as a student

Updated May 18, 2020

This guide will introduce you to what it entails to be a student and participate in distance learning. As a general rule, always go to itslearning and follow your teacher's instructions.

Distance learning: Itslearning + Hangouts Meet or Zoom

Distance learning will primarily make use of the following technologies:

  1. Itslearning: Platform for your learning
  2. Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom: Online meeting room
  3. G Suite: Tools for cooperation

Itslearning: Platform for your learning

As a students as UCL, itslearning is the primary platform for learning and communication. Therefore, make sure to always check itslearning regularly. It is where your distance learning will begin. You will be able to find your materials as well as relevant resources and activities.

Online meeting room: Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet

With Zoom or Google Hangouts Meet, you can participate in online lessons. The lessons will be a little different from what you are used to, but it will largely be comparable to regular lessons. Keep an open mind and be patient with your teacher and fellow students. Your teacher will let you know which of the two platforms will be used.

You can access online lessons in Zoom or Hangouts Meet using your UCL login.

We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser when using Hangouts Meet.

Distance Learning and GDPR

Distance Learning classes might be recorded for viewing by other UCL  students. For further reading on UCL processing of recordings and personal data. Click here

Please be aware that any link sent to you by UCL instructors is confidential, and should not be forwarded or made public.

UCL Standards for Socializing and behavior p. 9 for further reading on recording of audio, film and pictures.


G Suite for Education

G Suite provides you with an array of digital tools, e.g. Docs and Slides that make it possible for you to share and co-produce with your teacher and fellow students in a variety of ways. With a shared document, you can work with your study group and have an ongoing discussion in the built-in chat function or in Google Hangouts Meet.

Guides for G Suite for Education

Remember: Even if many different technologies might be in play, your learning begins and ends in itslearning. Check your courses often and keep an eye out for messages from your teachers.

Here is some advice for when you participate in online classes

  1. Come to the meeting room in Zoom or Hangouts Meet at least 15 minutes before the lesson/meeting starts. This way you have time to check they everything (video/audio) works as intended.
  2. Have your headset with microphone at the ready.
  3. Make sure that your have a stable PC/Mac (preferably with a webcam)
  4. Make sure you have stable internet connection, preferably wired

We recommend getting a good headset, but the one you usually use with your mobile devices will do just fine.

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