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Receive messages, notifications and more via e-mail


You have the option to be notified via e-mail whenever you receive new messages in itslearning or when something new is added to a course.

1. Click your picture in the top right corner and choose Your settings

Now you have 3 options

1. Be alerted via e-mail about news in your courses

1. Click Activate to enable e-mail notifications

2. Choose which new elements you would like to be alerted of

3. Click "Save

2. Forward messages from itslearning to your e-mail

1. Choose "Forward to [your e-mail]"

2. Click "Save"

3. Receive periodical e-mails about itslearning messages awaiting you

1. Choose how often you would like to receive e-mails about new itslearning messages

2. Click "Save"

Remember that you can always check your messages in the itslearning app

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