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About G Suite for Education at UCL

Updated Feb 14, 2020

UCL University College offers G Suite for Education for all employees and students. G Suite for Education is a collection of web apps and services that offer powerful cooperation and publication tools.

Aside from Google Drive and a large office suite, including Docs, Sheets, and Slides (programs  that correspond to the programs in Microsoft Office), it offers services such as Youtube, Google Sites and several more.

As long as you are employed or studying at UCL University College, you have access to G Suite for Education. You are responsible for all of the materials you saved in Google's services when leaving UCL.

You sign into G Suite for Education using your UCL e-mail as your user name and the same password as in itslearning and Outlook.

You have unlimited storage space and there are no ads - and it is free of charge! Good luck and have fun with G Suite for Education.

Please note: Your UCL Google account will be shut down 30 days after you leave UCL University College. Make sure to remember to move or download your stored content before it is gone.

G Suite and personally identifiable information (PII)

Just like with social media, you can never store personally identifiable information on free services such as Google Drive as the security is not strong enough. If you need information about people in an assignment or in your studies, for example, a case, then the information must be anonymised. Read more about anonymising and generally handling PII here:

Three things to remember when working with personally identifiable information


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