Telepresence Quick Guide

Updated Feb 18, 2020

This is a Quick Guide for conducting a lesson using telepresence technology. For an in-depth guide, click here.

1. Activate the tablet and choose "Ring op" (Call)

2. Find the desired location under Telefonbog > Telepresence and choose "Opkald"

3. If you wish to share your screen with the other location, connect your computer and click "Del i opkald" (Share in call)

Please note: If you are using the overlay function, this content is only shown locally on your monitor. It is not shared an will not be visible in the other location during telepresence lessons.

4. To end the call, click "Afslut opkald" (End call) in the lower right corner

5. Remember to turn off the system by clicking the room name in the top left corner and choosing "Standby"

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