Telepresence between 2 locations

Updated Jan 29, 2020

Telepresence is an excellent way to ensure that more students can receive the desired learning. This guide walks you through all the functions of the telepresence classrooms and explains how to allow students from a different geographical location to participate in your lesson.

If you would like a Quick Guide to conduction telepresence lessons, click here.

Start with the tablet in the room

To start the system and call another classroom, touch the screen of the tablet in the room to activate it. When the tablet is activated, it also turns on the other screens in the room.

If the other screens in the room do not turn on automatically, there is a button on the monitors to turn them on.

How to make the call

1. When you are ready to call the other classroom, press Ring op (Call) on the tablet.

2. Find the desired room under Telefonbog > Telepresence or search for the room.

3. Click the room name and choose Opkald (Call)

The classroom in the other location will not be called and will automatically accept the call. In the other location, the monitors and cameras will automatically be turned on, and you are ready to conduct your telepresence lesson.

In the lower right corner of the tablet, you can use the buttons to adjust the volume (if you are having trouble hearing the other students) or mute the microphones in your classroom.

Regarding the cameras

There is a total of 3 cameras in our telepresence classrooms.

2 of the cameras are placed between the two i3 monitors. These cameras are filming the room so that the participants in the two locations are able to see each other. This picture will also be shown on the smaller monitor in the ceiling in front of the desk, enabling the teacher to also see the participants in the other location. The two cameras function in the way that one is constantly filming the whole room, while the other zooms in on whoever is currently speaking. The system will determine automatically which view to show.

By the smaller monitor in the ceiling, there is a third camera, which is filming the teacher (or whoever else is standing by the desk and the other monitors). It is set to automatically track the person speaking by the i3 monitors. As a teacher, you must begin by standing near the desk to allow the camera to spot you. Once you have been spotted, you can walk freely back a forth in front of the two monitors, and the camera will follow you.

Please note: The camera turns on, turns off and rotates automatically. Adjusting the camera manually is strictly prohibited as it can damage the device.

If you wish to see a small image of yourself in the ceiling monitor, you can activate this by clicking the camera icon in the top right corner of the tablet and choosing Egenvisning. This will allow you to see yourself in the right corner of the monitor. Please be aware that participants in the other location will see the same.

How to share your computer's screen so everyone can see

More often than not, you might want to share a presentation or something else with the students using the monitors. You can do this by connecting your computer using the HDMI cable found near the desk with the tablet. Once you have connected your computer, the tablet will show a green button saying Del i opkald (Share in call)

Click this button in order to share the contents of your screen on the i3 monitors in both locations.

If you connected your computer before starting the telepresence call, the green button will not appear automatically. This this case, simply press Del (Share) and choose Del i opkald (Share in call).

Please note: If you are using the overlay function, this content is only shown locally on your monitor. It is not shared an will not be visible in the other location during telepresence lessons.

If you no longer wish to share the contents of your screen in the call,click Del (in the home screen of the tablet9 and then Stop deling (Stop sharing).

Ending the call

When the class or meeting is over and you wish to end the call to the other location, you need the tablet. In the buttom right corner, click Afslut opkald (End call).

The participants in the other location do not need to do anything. Their system will turn off automatically.

Before leaving the classroom, click the room name in the top left corner of the tablet and choose Standby. This will shut down the system, the cameras and the monitors.

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