Using the i3 monitors in the telepresence rooms

Updated Jan 29, 2020

The monitors in the telepresence rooms are of a different type than in other classrooms. However, they are perfectly suitable to be used as regular whiteboards during normal lessons.

Touch the screen to active it. Hvis it is turned off, there is a button on the right side of the screen to turn it on. The screens will automatically turn of if you connect your computer using the cable at the desk.

The screen closest to the teacher's desk has touch functionality so that you can write with your finger or a pen. More than one person can write simultaneously.

How to share your computer's screen on the board

Scenarii 1: The screens are off

Connect your computer at the desk using the cable there and wait a few seconds. The screen will automatically turn on and your screen will be shared.

Scenario 2: The screens are already on

1. Connect your computer at the desk using the cable there and wait a few seconds

2. On the tablet, press del (share)

In both scenarios, your computer's screen will be shared on the to i3 monitors and the smaller screen in the ceiling in front of the teacher's desk. If this does not happen automatically, you can find your shared screen by clicking the HDMI icon on the home screen of the i3 monitor.

If, by accident, you navigate away from your shared screen - e.g. by pressing the home button - you can press the HDMI icon again to return to the shared screen.

Whenever you wish to end the sharing of your screen, click Del (share)on the tablet and then Stop deling (Stop sharing).

Using the monitor as a whiteboard

  1. Go to home (the house icon in the side of the screen)
  2. Choose the whiteboard function

You can use the monitor as a browser

If you have not connected your own computer but still wish to show a website, a video or a presentation from your Google Drive, this is still possible.

In the side of the screen, click the arrow and then the home icon. Here, click More apps.

Now you can choose the browser icon to open a browser and access whichever website you need.

The editing tool

The editing tool provides an array of options, e.g. writing, drawing or marking the board. To move the editing tool, press and hold your finger in the center of the tool until it becomes movable.

Using this tool, you can also save the current contents of the board. It can be stored on a USB (inserted into the monitor) or sent as a pdf file through e-mail.

The overlay function

Underneath the home button in the side of the monitor, you can find the overlay button. This allows you to mark or write on top of the other content.

Please note that any content created using the overlay function is only shown locally on your monitor. It is not shared an will not be visible in the other location during telepresence lessons.

When your class or meeting is over

Before leaving the classroom, click the room name in the top left corner of the tablet and choose Standby. This will shut down the system, the cameras and the monitors.

Do not worry if you forgot to shut down the system before leavning. It will be shut down automatically every evening at 10 pm.

In case of technical issues, please contact the UCL service desk at or 63 18 44 44.

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