Scanning on a Konica Minolta copier with no funds on the printing account

Updated Jan 27, 2020

Students pay for printing and copying but not for scanning. Students can only log onto the copiers if they currently have funds in their printing account. If you need to scan and have you funds, follow the guide below.

1.  UCL has different copier models

The button and the display can look a bit different depending on the machine.

On Konica Minolta machine of the model number ending in 54, you need to press "Adgang" on the display and then "Adg. for off. bruger".

On other Konica Minolta models: Press ”Adg. for off. bruger” on the display.

2. Now you will see a window showing: Brugernavn Public.

Press OK or √ - depending on the model

3. On a copier of the model ending in 54, now choose Scan/Fax

On other models: Go to step 4.

4. Choose ”Direkte indtastning”

5. Choose ”E-mail”

6. Type the e-mail to which you wish to send the scanned documents

NOTE: Scanned documents can only be sent to e-mails ending in

7. When you are done typing, press OK or √ - depending on the model

8. Press the blue Start button to start scanning

9. Press ”Adgang” to log out so that the copier is ready for the next user

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