Wireless network on Chromebook

Updated Nov 23, 2020

Employees and students in possession of a login at UCL, can register their own private devices, such as a pc, tablet or a smartphone, permanently. Thereafter those devices will log onto UCL's wireless network automatically, when within range, regardless of which UCL address they are located at.

Shown below is what registering your device look like, on a Chromebook. You do not necessarily need to be at a UCL address to register your Chromebook.

If you are not at UCL, connect to a wireless network, start a browser and go to https://enroll.ucl.dk. Skip to here.

At UCL connect to UCL-Guest.

A browser will now automatically open with the window below. Check "Please accept ....." and click on "Student or Employee? ......".

Click on "Click here".

Click on Enroll.ucl.dk.

If the window below does not open automatically, start a browser and go to https://enroll.ucl.dk.

Start here if not at UCL:

Choose Sign In.

Enter your UCL username and corresponding password. Then, choose Sign in.

Choose Download. The browser will open an other tap. Go to the other tap.

Click Choose File.

Choose SecureW2.onc. Choose Open.

Connect to UCL's network Eduroam.

A window opens. Scroll to the bottom of the window. Brugercertifikat = usercertificat should contain our username. Choose Få forbindelse / Connect.

Your Chromebook is now registered.

You may now close the browser windows.

The Chromebook will now attempt to connect to UCL's network Eduroam. If you are not at UCL, an error message will appear, since the network is not available.

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