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Updated Jan 20, 2020

Tests are quiz tools with a variety of question types such as; multiple choice, open questions, right order, fill in the blank, etc. It is possible to enable a point system, meaning completed test are assessed immediately completion. Various information about, among other things, status of answer, possibly. time, points, etc becomes available after tests are completed.

In addition, there are notifications of changed status, which makes it easy to see which tests have been answered. Tests can be used for all non-exam relevant tests/quizzes.  

Note: Tasks connected to exams still need to be submitted in WISEflow

To create a test:

  • Select a Plan to which you want to add a test
  • Click Activities and choose Test
  • Fill in a Title, Introduction, an optional deadline, assessment, whether the test is mandatory, if it is an active test and its duration.
  • Click Save
  • Select the Options tab
  • Scoring method – with penalty or without penalty
  • Criteria for completion
  • Question navigation
  • Attemps
  • Result and feedback
  • Test security
  • Click Save
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