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Updated Jan 20, 2020

Discussions are used to share and comment openly among students and teachers. As such, discussion can facilitate feedback and peer-feedback, which is visible to all participants in the specific Course. As an example, teachers can create a discussion thread with an assignment description, to which students can submit their own text, videos, pictures or audio within the thread. Hereafter, both teachers and students are able to comment on submissions.

If you want to comment on all submissions at once and without students being able to follow your progress. Create a discussion in its own plan and deactivate the plan, while you comment. Activate the plan again to make your comments visible to the students.

Create Discussion

Choose a plan, in which you want to create a discussion

  • Click Add Resource
  • Click Show All
  • Pick Discussion
  1. Specify Title
  2. Specify Description
  3. Choose if anonymous posts are allowed
  4. Specify whether discussion threads use predefined categories, which allows students to categorize their posts in the respective discussion
  5. Specify if the discussion is active/inactive and for how long
  6. Click Save

View and Reply to a Discussion

Click the link to the discussion in a Plan  (In the picture: Project Management).

Created lists are by default, viewed by date with latest top.

  • Links to individual threads are displayed, indicating the total number of comments in the thread and the number of unread comments
  • Choose a link to a thread
  • Read comments
  • Choose Reply, to type in your personal reply to a thread

Start a new discussion thread

  • Click Start new Thread
  • Specify thread title
  • Specify starting post i the text field
  • and a category if applicable
  • Click Save

To participate in a thread, click on the topic you want to reply to.

 Click Post Reply

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