Courses - Status and follow-up

Updated Jan 20, 2020


  1. Attendance - See section about attendance
  2. Assessment record
  3. Individual learning plans

Assignment Reports

In Assignment Reports, each participants’ assignment status is displayed i.e. if assignments were submitted before or after a deadline.

  • Completed = Passed
  • Sent = Not graded
  • Not sent = Student has not submitted
  • No review = Teacher has not reviewed                  

Personal Reports

Displays individual reports for each participant of a Course.

Progress report

View a progress report for mandatory course tasks.


Click on the tree dots fore settings

Criteria for completion and deadline warnings. UCL uses WISEflow for assignment submission and registration of compulsory assignments.

You can view reports in Excel and send messages to students.

Progress reports are displayed in Excel as seen in the picture below:


Overview of all resources and activities in a specific Course. Note that Read Only means that a resource has been opened, but not necessarily read.

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