Updated Jan 20, 2020

It is possible to track attendance in itslearning – on some educations, it is required by law – on others, you only track attendance on the 1st semester. As a default setting, all participants are registered as being present.


When attendance reporting is enabled for the course, you can track it by clicking the small clock-icon. You can do it either directly in the event or by clicking Go to calendar.

In the calendar, you can see that individual sections now also have the clock-icon.

Click the small clock-icon – Take attendance

NB! Be aware that you cannot take attendance until 5 minuts before the lesson starts. Until then, the icon is greyed out and inactive.



  1. Remove the check mark for students that are absent
  2. You can search for individual students
  3. For each student, you can see how many minutes they have been absent during a lesson – but you can also manually input the number of minutes
  4. Here you can see the number of absent and present students
  5. Remember to save!

It is easy to get an overview of attendance under Status and follow-up.

  1. Click Status and follow-up.
  2. Click attendance.
  1. Overview of dates and events/sections
  2. See the percentage of absent students
  3. Click to take attendance. NB! You cannot do this until 5 minutes before the start of the lesson
  4. Click on a user to get an overview of their absence

If you see the picture below while taking attendance, it is because the event is not registered yet or because the event is not to be registered and does not count towards the students’ total attendance.


The student can get the same information on the front page by opening his or her own user.

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