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Updated Jan 20, 2020

An assignment can be created in connection to both individual and group-based submissions. Assignments are created with a title, description and optionally files. You can provide feedback both in the comment field and within the submitted document.

The assignment submission status, can be viewed in several places, e.g. in the overview and in the tab Status and Follow-up. Changes in status shows which tasks require attention.

Assignments can be used for all non-exam related tasks.

Note, however, that assignments connected to exams, must be submitted in WISEflow.


Add an Assignment

Choose to which Plan, you want to add an Assignment

  • Click Add Resources and activities
  • Click Assignment
  • Specify title and description

Add one or more files. It is recommended that you attach the assignment text as a downloadable file write the same text in the Description field. The description field is not visible to the students while they write their answer in itslearning

Specify the following information by scrolling through the side panel:

  • Visibility: Is the assignment visible to students and in what period of time
  • Results (teacher evaulation and feedback): Are results visible to students?
  • Deadline: Specify if an assignment has a deadline. This information will be visible on students’ homepage. If you checkmark Close after deadline, students will not be able to submit their assignment, after the deadline has been reached
  • If this is considered preparational work (homework). This will mark the assignment as homework on the students’ homepage
  • Choose rating scale. Pick between: 7-step scale, Pass/Fail, Approved/Not approved
  • Group activity or individual assignment. Choose between Students create groups or use course groups.
  • If anonymous answers are allowed
  • Specify if the assignment is compulsory. Non-compulsory assignments are not marked on Overview and Homepage. The wording Compulsory assignment may vary from education to education. We recommend that you explain, in-depth, what this means in the General description field or in the assignment description
  • Click Create Assignment


Review submitted assignments in Assignment Report

The assignment submission status, can be viewed in several places, e.g. in the overview and in the tab Status and Follow-up in Assignment Report.

Opening Assignment report, gives you an overview of all assignment submission status:

  1. All assignments created in a Course
  2. All students connected to each assignment
  3. Submission status for individual students

To review and grade an assignment, pick which assignment you want to review/grade in the overview.

In a specific assignments overview:

If an assignment has been submitted, the date and time of submission is displayed. If a teacher has opened an assignment, the date and time of review is displayed. If the assignment has been graded, the review will be displayed as well.

When grading an assignment, pick an individual student in the list.

You will see:

  1. Student answers
  2. Fields for review and feedback
  3. Add a file i.e. a text document with comments to the submission
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