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Updated Jan 20, 2020

Teaching material and activities are added in Resources and Activities

  1. Select Add
  2. A window will show selected options  It might look different depending on whether or not you as a teacher have previous tasks. If it concerns an Assignment, it is easy to create a new Assignment or return to a previous Assignment (listed under recent Assignments)
  3. Click Show All to access all available

More information in the following section.

Overview of Resources and Activities

Your teaching material and activities are separated into two categories:

Resources (flat files) are typically materials you write, upload or initiate, in order for students to continue them.

Activities typically allow for teacher-student interaction. Students are unable create Resources and Activities, but teacher created resources or activities, enables students to work with them. See the specific resources for Resources and Activities below.

Add Resource and Activity to Plans

You can add Resources and Activities to Plan by clicking Add.

Click Add:

  1. A list with shortcuts to some of the most commonly used resources and activities will be shown.
  2. Click Show all to see all resources and activities
Resource - Folder

Adding folders has its advantages and disadvantages: The advantage is that folders enable you to assign student rights to everything in the folder, allowing students to upload, edit, and initiate activities within the folder. The disadvantage is that it sacrifices overview.

Resource - Word, PowerPoint and Excel

If no Word or PowerPoint files are not ready for upload, you can create it directly in Microsoft Online. In MS online collaboration between you and your students, is saved automatically documents, if you give your students permission to do so.

Resource  File from your computer or drive (Google or Office 365)

Select File to upload different types of files to your plan. For example presentations, a task document or other material. You can add files from your computer or OneDrive. If you want to add files from your OneDrive, your Onedrive must be attached to itslearning. For more information on how to attach Onedrive to itslearning, see below:

  • Choose File
  • Click Add File or drag-and-drop your file into the field.
  • If you chose Add File, select whether you want to upload from your computer, Dropbox, Onedrive or Google Drive.
  • Remember to connect cloud accounts with itslearning.
  • Select your account
  • Select Assign if you want to associate your Dropbox, OneDrive account or Google Drive with your itslearning account, to avoid having to log on to the service every time you want to transfer files.


Resource Note

The note tool uses Rich Text editor, and provides the ability to create small teaching packages that include both text, images, audio and video.

Resource - SCORM- or AICC-link

Inserts or links to a SCORM-package uploaded to itslearning.

Before you can link to the package, you need to upload it to the Course:

  • Choose the menu item; Resources
  • Click Add
  • Click Import Content Package from Ready-to-use content

SCORM and AICC are international standards, which allows you to move data from one Learning Management System (LMS) to another. itslearning supports SCORM and AICC.

SCORM = Shareable Content / Courseware Object Reference Model

AICC = The Aviation Industry CBT Committee

Resource  Page

Create a Page in Your Plan. Select the resource type Page.

A Page contains different types of content e.g. notes, links and pictures, as well as the display of other applications such as Padlet etc.

Change the page layout:

  • Add content block
  • Change Layout.

Choose between three types of layout:

One column

Two columns

Two columns with a wide left column

Below is an example of how a page can be built:

Add Content Blocks.

Your content options are:

  • Files
  • Images
  • Poll
  • Rich content
  • RSS
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