Copy Topics and Plans

Updated Jan 20, 2020

You can copy Plans and Topics from one course to another. You can also choose whether to move the associated resources. A prerequisite for copying a Topic or Plan is that no Plan or Topic with the same name, exists in the Courses you are copying to - even in the specific Courses Trash can.

  1. Click on Plans
  2. Choose your Topic
  3. Click Copy in the menu

Choose a course to which you want to copy.

  1. Clear dates
  2. Select whether all associated resources should be transferred to the new Course
  3. Select Copy


Click Resources and check whether your Topic or Plan has been copied. Click the small pencil icon to open the editor.

  • In the editor, add a title
  • Select whether a Topic or Plan is activated immediately. If needed, specify when a Topic or Plan should activate. Choose Set time span. Click Save.

Move Plan to different Topic

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