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Updated Jan 20, 2020

All new couses are created with the following:

  1. A topic with a title e.g. Intro or practical information etc.
  2. An associated plan to each topic
  3. The look of each Plan may differ between educations

Plans can look different from education to education

Add a Topic

Topics are time periods, themes or tasks that include different sub-elements, e.g. BA project. If multiple teachers are in a Course, we recommend adding the teacher’s name to the field “Purpose” and switching to student's perspective rather than teacher's perspective. Do not create a Topic for each teacher.


  • Click Add plan for a Topic
  • Give your Topic a title
  • Click Save
Ordering individual Topics

A newly created topic is added at the bottom. Topics are movable by clicking the small arrow in the upper right corner and selecting Move up, Move down or Move to different template for a topic

Plans are displayed chronologically in the students' overview and in the itslearning app, regardless of where the topic is located.

Template for topic actions

Several actions are available when working with Topics: Copy, Delete and Print. Remember to checkmark the specific Topic(s).


If necessary, print as list in landscape mode (printer settings).

Adding Plans to Topics

You are now able to add a new Plan to the Topic

  • Click Add Plan.
  • Fill in each field.


The newly created plan is added at the bottom and is movable with drag-and-drop, or my clicking the small arrow next to the title.


In the drop-down menu, it is possible to Activate and Deactivate a plan in order to hid content you are still working on. Only Activated plans are visible to students.

The eye indicates that the plan is Deactivated.

Fill in a Plan

For more information on filling in Plan Fields, see below. Note that the number of Plan Fields and their Names are editable. Also, note that the number of plan fields and their names may vary from education to education.


Avoid redundancy – Be careful not to repeat titles, dates etc., which are listed elsewhere in the Plan.


Set the time and date in plans - use Events

It is now possible to connect individual plans to a timetable in TimeEdit.

NOTE! This only applies to courses created through SIS integration.


  1. Open Plans in your Course, click Add new Plan and click Add date
  2. Click Event
  3. Click the calendar icon
  1. The scheduled calendar item in TimeEdit, is now displayed
  2. Pick a date
  3. Click Ok

NOTE! Remember to be thorough! An item is only selectable once! Choosing the wrong item, may result in a lot of “noise” to others.

  1. Check that all dates are correct
  2. Click OK

Dates and times now appear in the plan.

NOTE! In case of scheduling changes in TimeEdit, these changes will be transferred to plans in itslearning and the students will get the full benefit of the schedule integration and ex. schedule changes in their itslearning app.

Subject and content

Fill in a plans Subject and content

Format text, insert images, video and audio with the Rich Text Editor (pencil icon in the corner).

For more information go to Rich Text Editor

Resources and Activities

Select Add Resource to add resources and activities used in a particular lesson. There are multiple kinds of resources/activities like presentations, pdf files, notes and other document types, or discussion forums, tasks, tests and surveys. For more information go to Resources and Activities

Plans – Action

When working with Plans, it may be relevant to decide when Topics and Plans become visible i.e. semester start, exams etc.

Click the small arrow next to Action, opens a drop-down menu with several types of actions. Remember to checkmark the specific Plan(s).

See instructions below.

The different Actions available are as follows:

  • Activate and Deactivate: Deactivate plans to hide content you are working on. Only activated plans are visible to students
  • Set date: Insert date and timestamp in the Plan
  • Copy: From here, choose a course, to which you would like to copy a plan. Remember to specify if dates and connected resources should be copied as well.
  • Start or update sharing
  • Delete: Delete a selected plan
  • Print: If necessary, print as list in landscape mode (printer settings).

By clicking Select, you are able to select/deselect all plans

Copy Topics and Plans

You can copy Plans and Topics from one course to another. You can also choose whether to move the associated resources. A prerequisite for copying a Topic or Plan is that no Plan or Topic with the same name, exists in the Courses you are copying to - even in the specific Courses Trash can

  1. Click on Plans
  2. Choose your Topic
  3. Click Copy in the menu

Choose a course to which you want to copy.

  1. Clear dates
  2. Select whether all associated resources should be transferred to the new Course
  3. Select Copy
  • Click Resources and check whether your Topic or Plan has been copied. Click the small pencil icon to open the editor.

In the editor, add a title

Select whether a Topic or Plan is activated immediately. If needed, specify when a Topic or Plan should activate. Choose Set time span. Click Save.

Move Plan to different Topic

Move a plan to a different topic, by checkmarking the specific plan you want to move and do the following:

  • Click the small triangle
  • Choose move to different template for a topic
  • Choose a template for a topic, by clicking on the small triangle
  • Click OK
Display Plans

You have multiple ways of viewing plans, either view all plans or filtered view by ‘All upcoming’, ´Today´, ‘This Week’, ´Rest of this week´, ‘Next Two Weeks’, ´All upcoming´, ‘Last week’, ´Past two weeks´ or ´´All past´. By default, your Courses are set to ‘All upcoming’, displaying your coming Plans and Plans without a date. Selecting another view will change the default view to the one selected, until the view is changed again. If any Plans have disappeared, it may be due to your current view filter.

  • Choose your view filter by clicking on the field, displaying you current view. In the picture above , the view is set to All upcoming
  • To view all Plans across all your subscribed Course, click on View all your Plans
View all your plans

Choosing ’View all your plans’ all plans are displayed in the Calendar view

Three dots ...

Clicking the three dots in the top right corner of Plans unfolds a list of different features:

  • Print: Print page as list either in portrait or landscape
  • Find template for a topic or activity and teacher
  • Share content created with the following tools: Page, File, Link, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, OneDrive ressource and Assignment
  • Import/export Plans from/to other Courses you are subscribed to. We recommend you copy Plans, since export does not include Resources and Activities. For more information see Copy Plans
  • Plan settings.
  • Help. Direct acces to itslearning guides, not associated with UCL. This means that some elements and features might have different names, than you are used to.



Print a Plan. It would be a good idea to print horizontally to ensure that all columns are printed.

Search for topic:




Importing and exporting is especially useful if you change jobs and want to use your plans a different itslearning site connected to your new educational institution. If you want to recycle plans within the same itslearning site, we instead recommend copying them from one course to another.


The plan settings are managed by the system administrator.



The user is redirected to itslearning guides.


Options available by clicking the three dots differ, depending on where you are in itslearning. The above example is based on the Plans page. A limit of three options are available under Resources.






Choose between three viewing options for Plans:

Table and list view are two seperate viewing options.





Timelines display the period a plan is applicable.


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