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Use groups and projects in itslearning


Finding and adding projects and groups

Everyone, both students and teachers, is able to create groups and projects in itslearning. Here you can add users and create folders with resources.

  1. Click Groups
  2. This will give you an overview of the groups you are part of
  3. Click “All groups”
  1. Overview of your groups
  2. Your projects

Add a project and save the information.


The Overview shows Announcements and Events.

  1. To communicate directly with your group/project, click “Add announcement”
  2. You can also create events in the group - Add an event that is shown in the itslearning calendar

Add an announcement

  1. You have several options for your announcement - decide when to publish, activation, and whether or not to allow comments.
  2. You have to write something in order to publish - there are many ways of formatting and inserting content in the Rich Text Editor
  3. Save

Now it's possible to see the announcement on the overview page


Under Resources you can see all the resources available to the group.

  1. Click Add
  1. Here you can choose Resources: files, links, pictures and more - Klik Folder
  2. You can also choose Activities and start discussions, add audio and video conferences, and conduct surveys

Create a folder and add content

  1. Name your folder
  2. GIve your folder a short description
  3. Remember to click Save

Transfer files from your computer

  1. Just like when you made a folder, you can add content - Add “File or folder” to find and upload content from your computer/Dropbox/Google Drive
  2. Remember to click Save
  1. Now you can see the file in the folder
  2. Just like with plans in a course, an overview of your content is automatically generated

Under Participants, it is possible to get an overview of the group’s participants.

You can send a message, invite users, or delete participants.

Click “Invite users” to find students or teachers/employees at UCL.

Finish by clicking “Invite users”

Finish by clicking “Invite users”

The invitation is sent and received through the itslearning app

Click the arrow

This will show you your groups

and your projects

Choose the right group and accept the invitation.

Project groups

It is possible to create project groups, send messages and delete them

To add a project room, you must fill out a title, description, and objective.

Remember to save the information

The group is given a title to complete the process. The first participant is given the role as project manager.

Subsequently you can add a group title, add participants, add subgroups, send messages and delete.

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