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Messaging System


A Courses teacher can send out information to students using the messaging feature in itslearning. Messaging must be used primarily for urgent messages, e.g. cancellations, changes in locations etc. You can send a message to one, more or a whole team in itslearning. You can attach files to messages.

On the homepage, new messages will be indicated.

  1. Orange mark displays how many new messages
  2. Latest messages are at the top, click to open a specific message

Send new message

  1. Click the speech bubble
  2. Click new
  1. Enter recipient name
  2. Search for a name or team
  3. Write message
  4. Attach file if applicable

Click Send

By installing the itslearning app on a mobile unit, all messages are available.

Possibilities in group conversations

If you no longer wish to be part of a group conversation, you can leave it. As a teacher, you can also close a conversation when it has come to an end and is no longer needed.

Click on the top arrow to open the menu and make your choice.

Be careful when closing a group conversation. Other participants will no longer be able to send or receive messages.

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