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Your Home page provides a quick overview of your courses and updates in the courses you are part of. It also serves as easy access to your tasks.

  1. Your own home page presents tiles containing the courses you have favorited. It highlights your primary tasks.
  2. This is where you can find the latest updates, tasks and events.

Courses must be understood in broad terms i.e. teams, subjects, professional courses or the like, and are created automatically by the student administration system. The menu item ‘courses’ display all your assigned courses where you will be able to pick which courses you want to see as favorited courses. The link; ‘All courses’, display all courses you are assigned to. You are able to subscribe to all Courses on your specific education. Please note that only favorited courses are found in the itslearning App.

Click the following link: Courses, for a more in-depth guide to Courses


This menu item displays a list of all groups, to which you have access. These groups are separate to the course specific group formation (Group Rooms), instead you will find information pertaining to your education, as seen in the Dashboard.


The Calendar is mostly for students – teachers should use Outlook instead. Plans, created with the same timestamp as time slot, can be accessed directly from here or the App. Your choices include:

Schedule: Calendarview, showing extracts from your personal calendar, favorited courses and project rooms.

Plans: See current plans from all you favorited courses

View plan for: Find participant


A community of teachers and writers, sharing content and learning resources. Search for resources, authors, and more

The Library is located in the top menu on all pages in itslearning and is a direct link to the UCL library website

By default, the library starts with a search bar. From here, you can search through all publications.

  • The searchfunction also scans other institutions that use itslearning
  • Click on Add


  1. The library is primarily designed to house elements that exist in Resources. The page tool is suitable for gathering several types of resources.

However, it is also possible to create tasks, which are shareable - and reused directly from the library menu.

Your students

For teachers only. Teachers can monitor student educational statistics. Displays lists of students in all your favorite courses. You can also search for specific students


Web TV Platform and Live Streaming - UCL offers a video platform, called Videotool. All teachers have a personal video channel, for uploading video material and podcasts, integratable into Plans from the Resource window. Videos are kept secure behind our UCL WAYF login.


By clicking Bib.ucl.dk in the top menu of itslearning, will transfer you to the UCL library homepage.


Direct link to UCL’s intranet for students.


This site displays an overview of guides offered by UCL and itslearning. guides.ucl.dk is aimed at both UCL students and staff.

Bell Icon

Click on the bell icon to display current notifications

Speech Bubble

Allows you to send and receive messages to both individuals and/or multiple members of a course.
For more instructions visit: Messaging


Here you can edit your profile. Upload an image of yourself. Attach cloud services, and more. You can do searches and log out.

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